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Some customers like to familiarize themselves with the philosophy or general perspective of the company behind products and services they buy. Here we will tell you a little about ourselves and the Institute.  You will see that our primary focus is on the currently evolving "WORLD COMMUNITY."

Our Mission

     The remarkable process of "globalization" that is currently taking place on planet Earth extends to every aspect of modern life. Quite literally, our planet is rapidly being transformed into one, all-encompassing "global village."
     The Arvisom Institute (pronounced, AR-vuh-sum) is an international education center aspiring to make a positive contribution to this process of globalization. Its activities are wide-ranging. However, there is a common thread that links together all of the divergent spheres within which it is engaged.
      It is this "common thread" that informs and directs all of its multitudinous activities. This central, unifying element is nothing less than its underlying, all-embracing IDEAL of the Oneness of Humanity. Therefore, the mission of the Arvisom Institute is ultimately "metaphysical" in nature. This mission presupposes the essential correctness of “idealist” view of the Universe and of human beings.

International people with megaphones

     However, on a more "pragmatic" level, its mission can be expressed in terms of four primary goals, two centering on the individual, and two with a focus on the collective body of the "global village." These goals can be formulated as follows: 

GOAL #1: The Arvisom Institute is dedicated to the pursuit of human progress and well-being. It seeks to contribute in a significant way to an improved quality of life for "collective" humanity, and -- although it is fundamentally motivated by "spiritual" ideals -- key aspects of its mission relate to the physical welfare of humanity. Thus, for example, the wide variety of language-centered services it provides have primarily in view "material" prosperity and "worldly" success for its clients. This part of its mission is also reflected in our focus on providing practical "foreign-language instruction" by means of an extensive, international network of language professionals.  
GOAL #2: The various endeavors of the Arvisom Institute are ultimately motivated by clear insight into the following truth: There is an intimate connection between spiritual understading and physical well-being.  
GOAL #3: The Arvisom Institute seeks to facilitate communication between the diverse elements of the "global village" (i.e., the various nations, ethnicities, and races of humankind), by providing a wide array of translation services between the various "world languages," and by offering a variety of relevant tutoring services.  
GOAL #4: The Arvisom Institute seeks to facilitate communication between the diverse elements of the "global village," by vigorously promoting English as an "international language," and by providing translation services that address the needs of international business concerns.

     Briefly, the Arvisom Institute has a vital role to play through opening pathways for personal growth and development to ever-increasing segments of the world community.

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