English-Language Assistance



Assistance for International Students,
Business Professionals & Other English-Language Learners

ENROLL: English-Language Assistance

Your Business Correspondence, Homework, Presentations, Term-Papers, Dissertations,
and other assignments in PERFECT ENGLISH!

The Arvisom Institute will proofread, edit and correct your English,
before you submit/deliver that presentation, or hand in your school work to your professor!!

We provide FAST and ACCURATE proofreading services
to international students, and other non-native speakers of English!!!

Our proofreading and document-correction services are offered on the basis of 4-week segments (or "terms"). In others words, you may enroll for a minimum of 4 weeks, which entitles you to UNLIMITED ACCESS to our ELL-assistance services for a FULL 30 DAYS. These services include the following:

     (1) 24-Hour Access to a Multitude of Online PRACTICE Activities that Will Greatly Increase Your English-Language Skills

     (2) 24-Hour Access to a Multitude of Online ASSESSMENT Activities (i.e., Quizzes, Tests, etc.) that Can be Repeated to the Point
          of Absolute Mastery

     (3) The Ability to Submit YOUR QUESTIONS to Me about Any Aspect of the English Language (e.g., Grammar, Vocabulary), and
          Receive Detailed Replies, Sent Back to You within 24 Hours

     (4) The Ability to Submit YOUR ENGLISH-LANGUAGE DOCUMENTS (e.g., Homework, Term-Papers, Business Letters,
          Presentations, etc.)
to Me from Your Personal "ClassPage," be CORRECTED, and Sent Back to You in PERFECT ENGLISH

You will receive all of the above services (and more) for the small enrollment fee of only $95.00 per 4-week segment. Compare that to the $25 to $100 PER HOUR you would have to pay for an English tutor to be physically present in your home!

(DISCOUNT: If you simultaneously enroll for multiple segments, the enrollment fee will be REDUCED to $80.00 per segment.)

For your security and peace of mind, we offer GOOGLE CHECKOUT and PAYPAL as our primary payment options for processing your enrollment fee.

ENROLL: English-Language Assistance

To use our ENGLISH proofreading/correction services for LARGE documents (such as doctoral dissertations, manuals, or books), follow these STEPS:

     STEP #1 You send YOUR DOCUMENT to the Arvisom Institue: SEND DOCUMENT

     STEP #2You receive prompt reply from the Arvisom Institute, indicating the exact FEE applicable to the job submitted.

     STEP #3 You pay the proofreading fee by clicking this link:

     STEP #4 The Arvisom Institute promptly sends you the CORRECTED DOCUMENT in perfect, ERROR-FREE English.

     The fee for this extremely useful service will be calculated at the rate of 5 cents for each word ($0.05 per word of the the document submitted). NOTE: You will receive a substantial DISCOUNT on large documents such as DOCTORAL DISSERTATIONS.

English-Language Assistance
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