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The WORLD COMMUNITY: Our Perspective
     The remarkable process of "globalization" that is currently taking place on planet Earth extends to every aspect of modern life. Moreover, it is accelerating on a daily basis. Quite literally, our planet is rapidly being transformed into one, all-encompassing "global village."
     The Arvisom Institute (pronounced AR-vuh-sum) was founded in the year 2000, as a international education center aspiring to make a positive contribution to this process of globalization. Its activities are wide-ranging, however there is a common thread that links together all of the divergent spheres within which it is engaged. That "common thread" -- which informs and directs all of its multitudinous activities -- is the stress it lays upon a single, underlying IDEAL: the Oneness of Humanity. Therefore, the goal of the Arvisom Institute, as an educational establishment, is ultimately metaphysical in nature.."
     However, on a more "pragmatic" level, its mission can be expressed in terms of four primary goals, two centering on the individual, and two with a focus on the collective body of the "global village." These goals can be formulated as follows:
          GOAL #1: The Arvisom Institute provides its clients with a wide assortment of resources that they can utilize to improve the quality of their lives in a physical sense. This facet of our mission emphasizes "material" prosperity and "worldly" success, and is the main focus, for example, of our "Business Solutions Division."
          GOAL #2: The Arvisom Institute provides its clients with a wide assortment of resources, utilization of which will gradually bring them to a clear understanding of this all-important truth: There is an intimate connection between spiritual insight and physical well-being.
          GOAL #3: The Arvisom Institute seeks to facilitate communication between the diverse elements of the "global village" (i.e., the various nations, ethnicities, and races of humankind), by providing a wide array of translation services between the various "world languages," and by offering a variety of relevant tutoring services.
          GOAL #4: The Arvisom Institute seeks to facilitate communication between the diverse elements of the "global village" (i.e., the various nations, ethnicities, and races of humankind), by vigorously promoting English as the "international language" of this global village. More specifically, assistance is provided to learners and teachers of English throughout the world, with a view to bolstering the current status of English as the one language that every "world citizen" should be acquainted with, in order potentially to communicate with every other member of the global village.
     Briefly, the Arvisom Institute has a vital role to play in the opening of pathways for personal growth and development to ever larger segments of the world community.

Language Teacher®. Electronic pocket talking translators

Language Teacher. Electronic pocket talking translators

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Why have we partnered with Ectaco?

     Ectaco, Inc. develops the very best electronic multi-purpose dictionaries and translators! Recently they were featured in PCWorld magazine and received the prestigious Innovation Award for Design and Engineering.
     State-of-the-art technology, as well as the most advanced linguistic research, make their personal electronic dictionaries absolutely unique. Choice of models and languages, combined with super low prices, make Ectaco products truly exceptional in terms of value.
     These dictionaries include not only words, but also phrases, idioms, and irregular verbs, as well as linguistic games and grammar. There is built-in voice synthesis technology that produces high-quality voice output in multiple languages. The organizer has all the features you can imagine, plus lots of features you would never even dream about!
     Special models are able to translate incoming and outgoing e-mail messages and faxes from one language into another automatically! A digital voice recorder allows storing up to 15 minutes of human speech. All this together makes Ectaco Language Teacher dictionaries a must for everyone! See for yourself at: Language Help.

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Handheld Electronic Dictionaries and Translators:
     Handheld Electronic Dictionaries and Translators have recently emerged as the modern, fashionable language and communication solutions in many areas of business. Here you will find more than 140 titles for over 30 languages, each offering a great variety of features to assist you with all sorts of language challenges.
      An electronic translator or electronic dictionary is a smart way to avoid unnecessary difficulties when traveling, studying languages, communicating with foreigners, and in many other situations. For example, take a look at some of the details regarding our Travel Speech Guard, which can be extremely useful for business travelers, or for anyone engaged in "international" business transactions. Many of our devices are based on advanced Text-to-Speech and speech recognition technologies and have the added functions of a business organizer.
      The wealth of resources of our electronic dictionary models include extensive bidirectional vocabularies (up to 1,000,000 words and more), voice recognition and/or synthesis, phrase banks containing colloquial expressions and common phrases, grammar references, and lots more.
Ultimate Travel PhraseBooks and Dictionaries. Devices in this category are among the most advanced tools available for international travelers. Bringing together in one stylish package all the latest advances in speech recognition and crystal-clear voice output, they have been designed to replace expensive personal interpreters and awkward paper dictionaries. Featuring the latest technological advances and featuring real human voice output as recorded by native speakers, they are supportive and convenient travel aids. Their extensive database includes up to 1,000,000 words and more than 14,000 travel-related phrases and is expandable and customizable. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you will appreciate the powerful features, elegant design and sturdy construction of these sophisticated handheld translation devices.
ECTACO Travel SpeechGuard TL-2m5
ECTACO Travel SpeechGuard German <-> English <-> French TL-2EgmFr
ECTACO Travel SpeechGuard German <-> English <-> Polish TL-2EGmPl
... and more, much more!

Translation Software:
     Available for more than 50 language combinations, the translation software you will find here provides a wide range of linguistic solutions for just about any circumstance. Covering language instruction, study materials, full-text translation, speaking and non-speaking dictionaries, and localization software they are available for most major platforms and OS including Windows, Pocket PC, Palm OS, Smartphones and others. Given the wide range of applications and offers available, you are certain to find just the right option that will work best for you.

Careers and Education - College & Degree Info

     Individuals who are looking to pursue a higher education can find information on College degrees, Certificates, High School Diplomas, and much more on this site. It is a goal of the Arvisom Institute to offer a fully comprehensive resource center for the individuals in pursuit of educational and career goals. Register now!
     In addition to providing information on where and how to attain the degrees and certificates mentioned above, we provide information on what to do next. Both career advice and career outlook are integral parts of our Website. Find the correct College, University, Career School or Job today!
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     There is a is a smart way to choose student loans. That is essentially what we are promoting here. The Arvisom Institute is dedicated to helping students and their families through the maze-like and confusing education-loan process, by providing innovative and effective tools, resources, and most importantly, choices that help students and families make the best choice for themselves.
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Earn Your Degree
     The Arvisom Institute works cooperatively with online leaders in career advancement, in order to help people find the educational programs they need to grow their careers and get ahead.
     Our aim is to provide our clients with the means through they can leverage the technology and resources of the Worldwide Web to connect prospective students with degree programs that are a fit for them.
     Thus, we offer to our visitors an indispensable resource for students exploring degree opportunities. Whether you are seeking the convenience of an online education, or the traditional elements of a campus-based school, our network has a program that is right for you.

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