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Welcome to New Smile! Your Best Source
For a LOW-COST, HIGH-QUALITY  Smile Makeover
Only $29.95

       Want to have a more attractive smile?  New Smile is an affordable, "do-it-yourself" alternative to the more expensive options offered by conventional "cosmetic dentistry." 
     Your New Smile makeover will not require a visit to the dentist at all.  It is easy to fit and you only need a few minutes to customize it to your own existing teeth.  Just use hot water on the thermal fitting material and follow the instructions included with your order. These easy-to-follow directions will take only a few minutes to complete, in the privacy of your own home.
     This is a perfect choice for everyday use, reunions, weddings, family gatherings, gag gifts, first dates, or any time you feel like having an instant smile makeover.
This product will improve your appearance, if you are not toally satisfied with your current smile.  It is a cosmetic device, intended for aesthetic purposes only.  Do NOT eat or sleep while wearing it.

  • Excellent for job interviews, pictures, and other special occasions!
  • One size Fits All.
  • Custom fitting instructions included
  • Great instant makeover!


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