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Marvin C. Sterling, TRANSLATOR

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Welcome to my Website! My name is Marvin Sterling. I am a freelance translator. I also do editing/proofreading/correcting for draft-documents generated through machine translation.
As a linguist, I am committed to excellence -- to that same high level of excellence that is implied by the adjective "sterling."
I am highly proficient in the following language pairs: (1) Spanish-to-English, (2) German-to-English, (3) French-to-English, and (4) Farsi-to-English. Thus, my goal is to help your business succeed, through the provision of "sterling" translation services in these specific language pairs. I strive with the utmost vigor and intensity to facilitate communication in the global marketplace, on the level both of individuals and organizations .
You may rely on me for results of the highest quality. For, based on a thorough knowledge of both source and target languages, and through meticulous attention to detail, I will provide you with translated documents that are not only absolutely faithful in meaning to the originals, but also highly "polished" in a stylistic sense.
I also provide proofreading and editing services for English-language draft translations from Spanish, German, French, and Persian/Farsi. In addition, I believe that you will find my rates to be most reasonable and competitive.

Marvin C. Sterling, Ph.D.
Freelance Translator
Facilitating Communication in the

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