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New Book!

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MasterMind! An Incredibly Simple Approach to Getting BETTER GRADES!

Sterling Institute, your Internet resource for LIFE-LONG LEARNING and SELF-IMPROVEMENT, is proud to offer the MasterMind Educational Software. MasterMind IS the COMPUTER-TUTOR! It will greatly facilitate progress toward your academic, professional, and self-development goals.

MasterMind is the fast, fun, and easy way to learn. You choose ... languages, geography, sports statistics, trivia, math concepts and strategies, history, art, literature, vocabulary, birthdays and anniversaries, talks, jokes and stories ... wherever your imagination leads.


A 10th grader, after learning the chemical symbols for half the periodic table in less than 15 minutes commented, "I FEEL LIKE I'M CHEATING."
An 8th grader used MasterMind to help him win first place in State MathCounts Competition -- and a free trip to Washington D.C.
An adult learned tourist JAPANESE in less than 15 hours.
A university student was afraid she was failing Art History, two weeks before the end of the quarter. A friend showed her MasterMind and for two weeks she spent 20 minutes a day with the system -- and aced the final!
What will you and your students accomplish?

MasterMind opens an amazing new world of learning opportunities . . . Your students can learn:
Multiplication tables to 20 x 20 in LESS THAN 2 HOURS! U.S. Presidents' terms of office in LESS THAN AN HOUR! World Capitals and map locations in LESS THAN AN HOUR! U.S. States and Capitals in LESS THAN AN HOUR!
MasterMind comes packaged with 7 POWER learning sets:

States and Capitals

Nations and Capitals

Multiplication Drill (to 20 x 20)

U.S. Presidents Set 1

U.S. History Set 1

World History Set 1, and

Vocabulary Builder Set 1

And with MasterMind's Creator module you can easily and quickly write your own personalized learning sets for virtually any subject!

The MasterMind educational Software!

To order your MasterMind Educational Software, simply click the LINK below. This is Arvisom's preferred payment method. QUICK! CONVENIENT! SECURE!

MasterMind IS the Computer-Tutor!

Do you want to:

Improve your vocabulary (almost effortlessly)?

Learn a foreign language in record time?

Master remembering names and faces?

Assist your pre-school through college-age student in learning state and international capitals, addition and multiplication facts, the periodic table of elements, problem solving strategies for algebra through calculus and beyond?

Or do you just have trouble remembering birthdays and anniversaries?
MasterMind offers the perfect solution!

MasterMind is designed for people of all ages ... It's suitable for use by the whole family!

MasterMind combines the techniques of the SQ3R study method with state-of-the-art computer technology, and the latest innovations and developments in whole brain and accelerated learning research, to give you and/or your students an unprecedented opportunity to expand the reach of your mind.

Advanced features include the following:

Timed or untimed drills

Different "modes" of learning (based on subject content)

Record keeping for knowns/unknowns on individual question/answer sets

"Multiple students," with separate record keeping for each automatic review -- creates a personalized review schedule for each learning set, reminds you when it's time to review, and intelligently adjusts your review schedule to fit your learning style, subject difficulty, etc.. . . plus much, much more.

Next only to books and dedicated teachers, MasterMind will become your most important learning resource.

Amaze yourself, tap your inner genius . . . order your copy today!

And REMEMBER! With MasterMind's CREATOR MODULE, You Can Easily And Quickly Write YOUR OWN PERSONALIZED LEARNING SETS For Virtually ANY SUBJECT! This is an EXTREMELY important feature of the MasterMind educational software.

Through the CREATOR MODULE, the uses to which MasterMind can put are quite literally unlimited!!!


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