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Terms and Conditions
Updated June 1, 2003

1) Arvisom Distributors (hereinafter "Distributors") are Independent Contractors, who purchase products from Arvisom Gifts & Collectibles (hereinafter "AG&C"), in order to promote and market such products for their own profit.
2) Each Arvisom Distributor operates a separate business, and will promote his/her AG&C products under his/her own business name.
3) Distributors will NOT use "Arvisom" or "AG&C " as their business name, since this would reveal ther product source to their customers, thereby jeopardizing their own profits and the viability of their business. 
4) Each Distributor is responsible for knowing and complying with all taxing, licensing or other requirements of any governing body to which they are subject.
5) In order to protect confidentiality as regards the the Distributor's wholesale (i.e., "yellow-list") prices, all AG&C products purchased online by the Distributor from the private "Distributor Page," will be shipped ONLY to the Distributor (not directly to the Distributor's customers).

6) The Distributor pays AG&C the wholesale price (i.e., the lower "yellow-list" price) on all AG&C products, and the Distributor will be free to sell these products to his/her customers at any price he/she chooses, in order to maximize personal profits.

7) The Distributor's profit margin is simply the difference between the HIGHER, "retail price" he/she chooses to set, and the LOWER, "yellow-list" price to which the Distributor is entitled for all AG&C products. 

8) RETURN POLICY:  Distributors should obtain all retail money from their customers BEFORE placing their order with AG&C, since Distributors are NOT authorized to return their products to AG&C under any circumstances.

These Terms and Conditions may be changed without notice at any time, if required in order to comply with governing law, or if AG&C determines such changes to be necessary. Other changes will only be made with at least two weeks advance notice to all Distributors at their last known email address.

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