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Spanish-Language Assistance

About Our Spanish-Language Division:

The Arvisom Institute's team of professional Spanish tutors provide assistance, at all levels, to high-school students, college students, adult learners, and non-students who desire to learn or relearn Spanish.

All of our tutors have at least a BA degree in Spanish, and some of them hold the PhD or other advanced degrees in the field of linguistics. Our tutors are certified by the American Tutoring Association.

Online tutoring is offered on the basis of 4-week segments (or "terms"). In others words, you may enroll for a minimum of 4 weeks, which entitles you to UNLIMITED ACCESS to online tutoring services for a FULL 30 DAYS. These services include the following:

     (1) 24-Hour Access to a Multitude of Online PRACTICE Activities that Will Greatly Increase Your Language Skills

     (2) 24-Hour Access to a Multitude of Online ASSESSMENT Activities (i.e., Quizzes, Tests, etc.) that Can be Repeated to the Point
          of Absolute Mastery

     (3) The Ability to Submit YOUR QUESTIONS to the Institute about Any Aspect of Your Language Study, and Receive
          Detailed Replies, Sent Back to You within 24 Hours

     (4) The Ability to Submit YOUR HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS to the Institute from Your Personal "ClassPage,"
          and Receive Timely Comments and Corrections

     (5) The Ability to Listen to Dr. Vin's MINI-LECTURES on a Wide Range of Topics Pertinent to GRAMMAR & VOCABULARY,
          for the Purpose of Increasing Your SKILL and FLUENCY in the Language of Your Choice (Spanish or English)

You will receive all of the above services (and more) for the small enrollment fee of only $95.00 per 4-week segment. Compare that to the $25 to $100 PER HOUR you would have to pay for a tutor to be physically present in your home!

(DISCOUNT: If you simultaneously enroll for multiple segments, the enrollment fee will be REDUCED to $80.00 per segment.)

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Spanish Tutoring Assistance

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