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Arvisom Real Property Investments

     Arvisom Real Property Investments is a division of the Arvisom Institute. Operating out of the Oklahoma City metro area, we provide nation-wide property location services for professional real estate investors. If you are a professional investor seeking to maximize profits through the purchase of properties wholesale -- i.e., at prices substantially below FMV -- consider PARTNERING WITH US for long-term mutual benefit.
     Irrespective of where you happen to be located within the continental USA, we either already have, or can quickly locate, high-potential investment properties for you to purchase, within that particular geographical setting. (Please sign the property-locator AGREEMENT, then scan-and-email it back to us.)
     In addition, we also seek to facilitate communication between real estate developers/entrepreneurs and professional investors wishing to fund such projects. Multiple, lucrative investment opportunities are generally available through Arvisom Real Property Investments on an ongoing basis.
     Oklahoma City has been called "America's most recession-proof city" (Forbes magazine, April, 2008), and the real estate industry continues to thrive in OKC at the present time. Thus, the OKC-based investment opportunities available through Arvisom Real Property Investments should definitely be appealing to many potential buyers and investors nation-wide.
     For example, with one of several opportunities currently available (involving multi-family dwellings) the pay-out to investors would be as follows:

For each $100,000-investment:
Investors receive 12% interest payments = $1,000 per month.

For each $200,000-investment:
Investors receive 15% interest = $2,500 per month.

For each $300,000-investment:
Investors receive 16% interest = $4,000 per month.

For each $400,000-investment:
Investors receive 18% interest = $6,000 per month.

12-MONTH TERM: The entire principal amount will be repaid to the investor at the end of the 12-month term. Please contact Arvisom Real Property Investments via e-mail, if you are interested in earning these sorts of hefty returns, with a rapid turn-around time.
SECURITY / COLLATERAL: Each investment is fully secured by means of the subject properties, as well as through additional collateral in the form real estate holdings already owned by the developers. 

List Your Home online for Free. Largest For Sale By Owner Website.

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List Your Home online for Free. Largest For Sale By Owner Website.

List Your Home online for Free. Largest For Sale By Owner Website.

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