Welcome to the I-FESS Church & Seminary

We are a newly established(April 2011), Web-based ministry founded on a twofold belief in the primacy of SPIRIT, and the oneness of TRUTH. Our goal is to attract an all-inclusive, international membership that brings together sincere seekers-of-Truth from every part of the globe, from all denominations, and from every religious persuasion. You can join us, while remaining a member of your present church. You can also make us your main, or only, church. We seek to be of service to all human souls by offering multiple modes of support and assistance that promote the attainment of deeper spirituality and higher levels of religious understanding.

This Webpage is still UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Please try it again on your NEXT VISIT to the I-FESS Church & Seminary! We will have it up-and-running" as soon as possible. RETURN TO HOMEPAGE