My Pilgrimage, continued

Thus -- through the powerful stimulation I received from an exposure to Hinduism -- my ongoing pursuit of spiritual Truth had now brought me to that additional idea which would make for a comprehensive “universalist” stance. For over and above my recognition that God will ultimately save all souls in this spiritual Universe, I had now reached the point where I could accept that further insight, which is intimately related to universal salvation, namely the following: In the highest sense of the word, there is only ONE Religion, and all so-called “religions” are at best nothing more than approximations to, or partial manifestations of, the one Religion of God. In other words, as I view the matter, these two elements taken together -- i.e., universal salvation and the unity of religions -- add up to a complete picture of Universalism. Consequently, on one level, attainment of this insight marks the “end” of my journey to Universalism. However, viewed from another standpoint, my arrival at this culmination-point merely signalizes a shift into a different phase of the journey. I now look forward to an eternal continuation of my travels, but henceforth I will travel as a navigator within the “vehicle” of Universalism. My ongoing exertions within the “arena” of self-development and service-to-others will provide the “fuel” that empowers this vehicle for perpetual expansion and growth in universalist WISDOM. I hope that you will join me in this quest, and thus combine your own endeavors with those of the I-FESS community of truth-seekers. Then, through the “vibratory” influence radiating outward from our “co-creative” efforts, we will be able to powerfully impact the course of spiritual evolution, not only that of human souls on the Earth planet, but also that of angelic beings in the spiritual “regions” directly above us, and beyond to the highest spiritual hierarchies. Respectfully submitted, Marvin C. Sterling Marvin C. Sterling

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