•Accreditation Association of Christian Colleges and Seminaries, Morgantown, KY
•Accrediting Association of Christian Colleges and Seminaries, Sarasota, FL
•AF Sep (we don't know what this means, but Beta International University claims it is the name of their accrediting association), address unknown
•American Association of Accredited Colleges and Universities, address unknown
•American Association of Theological Institutions, address unknown
•American Educational Accrediting Association of Christian Schools, address unknown
•American Federation of Christian Colleges and Schools
•Association of Christian Schools and Colleges, address unknown
•Association of Fundamental Institutes of Religious Education (AFIRE), address unknown
•International Accrediting Commission, Kenosha, WI
•International Accrediting Association of Church Colleges, address unknown
•National Educational Accrediting Association, Columbus, OH
•Southeast Accrediting Association of Christian Schools, Colleges and Seminaries, Milton, FL
•World-Wide Accreditation Commission of Christian Educational Institutions

Program Accreditation Haanel College and Metaphysical Seminary is a legal ministry granting certification in metaphysical ministry and related subjects functioning as an educational ministry of the Universal Church of Metaphysical Practice, Inc. We offer recognized certification in religious studies, operating as a Religious School, and exempt from accrediting or licensure requirements because of its 501 (3) (c) status. Graduates obtain legal Ministerial Ordination and we do not offer degree programs, only certification and ordination programs. HCMS has not sought, nor do we desire accreditation by any governmental or regulatory agency because the programs we offer are metaphysical in nature and designed to meet the educational needs of those practicing metaphysical ministry as counselors, pastors, and other religious venues. We are independent and free from rigid thinking and polarizing affiliations, and we are not allied with any other institution or agency. All HCMS certification programs require real coursework, documented with traditional transcripts and certificates. Your diplomas will be awarded only on completion of required coursework and we do not offer “honorary” degrees. You will find that our programs use quality texts written by recognized experts. We are not affiliated with any other educational or historical institution, and are not affiliated with any religious denomination other than the Universal Church of Metaphysical Practice, Inc. and we accept students from all religious faith traditions interested in our programs. HCMS programs are designed for students who want to complete a serious academic program, but do not intend to pursue state licensure or recognition in a profession requiring secular degree work. Our degrees will not be recognized by governmental agencies for licensure, and aceptance by secular or non-metaphysical organizations is highly unlikely.