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Sid Roth

Sid Roth, host of It's Supernatural! TV broadcast, is a Jewish believer in Jesus as the Messiah. He has spent 35 years investigating the supernatural of God.

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The Mass is Gone!

I watched the program with Charles Vance the night before my biopsy of a large white mass found by two doctors. After 3 more tests with no sign of the mass, the doctor asked "what did you do?" I replied, "I prayed! I was supernaturally healed!"

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Know Jesus as Your MessiahAnswers About Jesus

TBN Broadcast

Walid Shoebat

Former terrorist Walid Shoebat has a prophetic wake-up call for America and the world.

Mahesh Chavda

Learn the keys to break into the Glory Realm where breakthroughs, healing, signs and wonders are normal.

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Recent TV Episode

Peter Horrobin

Peter Horrobin has been given supernatural keys to unlock the most stubborn doors to physical healing.

Dr. Michael Brown

Dr. Brown’s new book was so explosive that no major publisher was willing to publish it!

David Martin

David Martin was transformed by receiving the "Shining One Anointing" and he wants YOU to experience it for yourself.

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Project 77 TV Special

Sid Roth's New Book They Thought ThemselvesWhen you give $77, you'll get Sid's book, They Thought For Themselves — plus, we'll send 7 copies to Jewish people to reach them with the good news

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