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No Fear: How Never to Be Afraid of Anything YES! Anything!
by Marvin C Sterling   

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Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 200
ISBN: 0-595-14929-4

Is it really possible to live a life totally free of fear? If this is possible, why is it important for us to take steps to bring about this outcome? The answer to the former question is, "Definitely yes!" As for the second question: Only insofar as we succeed in overcoming fear, in all of its subtle forms and varieties, will we actually be living our lives in harmony with "ultimate reality." This book can dramatically enhance the quality of your life. To order, click the payment link to the left.

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Confidence, Courage, Absolute INNER PEACE
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Eliminate fear from your life entirely!

This book provides a practical guide to victorious living. It explains in very clear terms why it is that fear is the chief obstacle to overcome, if we desire to live victoriously. It will show its readers how to achieve a degree of inner poise--a level of calm self-assurance--that they would scarcely have imagined to be possible. Briefly, this book demonstrates how confidence (grounded in "spirituality") is not only the foundation of optimal mental health, but also the key to physical and financial well-being.

To be supremely confident about oneself, about others, and about the universe in general is to be a truly sane person. But why is this so? It is because the specific ways of thinking (feeling and acting) which accurately reflect what the universe is really like just are confidence . . . . To be supremely confident under all circumstances is to be in possession of enlightenment, enlightenment about ultimate reality and about the laws that govern how events unfold. It is to be rightly informed about our own essential nature and that of the world we live in. In short, to be confident is to be "in touch" with WHAT THERE IS, and hence a "realist" in the strictest sense of the word.

The fear of injury, the fear of physical decline, the fear of old age, the fear of debility and weakness, the fear of disease, the fear of poverty, the fear of failure, the fear of rejection, the fear of disfigurement, the fear of mutilation and dismemberment, the fear of death and extinction, all of these are just so many diverse manifestations of the same underlying insanity.

But why is it insane to be fearful? It is insane to be fearful, because fear invariably clashes with reality. If you harbor fear about anything whatsoever, then you are simply in error; you are fundamentally mistaken about who and what you are, and about the real nature of the universe in which we live.

. . . , it is clear that what we call "seeing" does not give us direct access to the outside world of independent things. Therefore, even when we have the experience of SEEING ANOTHER HUMAN BEING, what we are directly confronted with is just mental imagery. You say that you see a human face, human arms, human legs, and so forth. In a word, you claim to actually SEE A PERSON. This is a normal and wholly acceptable way of speaking. However, strictly speaking, the truth is that you are only experiencing mind-pictures of a certain sort, just as you would only be experiencing mind-pictures if you were to "see" a person in a dream. The thing which you refer to as a "person" is actually just your own visual subjectivity, your own interior consciousness. THE REAL PERSON IS A SPIRITUAL BEING, situated beyond the curtain of imagery; . . . . This invisible spiritual being--i.e., the real person--is "projected" into your consciousness in the form of your own mental imagery; this being is REPRESENTATIVELY PRESENT within your consciousness in the form of mind-pictures.

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