No Fear:
How Never to be Afraid of Anything!
YES Anything!

Marvin C. Sterling, Ph.D.

Author Notes:

Dr. Sterling has devoted many years of study and reflection to various fields of inquiry that have important implications for the ideal of optimal mental health. In this connection, he believes that the most significant thing to understand is that genuine mental health is founded on "spirituality," and that it is intimately tied to those higher states of consciousness that define true spirituality.

Dr. Sterling holds academic degrees from the University of California, in both Psychology and Philosophy. Moreover, he has written extensively on the Philosophy of Religion. He is a Professor of Philosophy by profession. However, unlike perhaps the majority of academics, he is fully persuaded that the central concepts and core teachings of the world's religions are essentially correct.

NO FEAR: A Powerful Source of Inspiration & Heightened Spirituality!

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