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Arvisom Gifts and Collectibles

     Welcome to the Website for Arvisom Gifts & Collectibles.  We offer thousands of items for you to choose from: gifts for every conceivable occasion, and collectibles in a wide range of different categories.  This is an ideal online location to visit, in anticipation of birthdays, anniversaries, Mothers/Fathers Day, Christmas, graduation, etc.  Shop here for your "significant others" on such special occasions, or on any occasion.  You don't need a special occasion to take advantage of our offerings. In addition, you will find a host of attractive decorative items for your home (both interior and exterior).  
     We offer only products of the highest quality, conforming to impeccable standards of craftsmanship and artistic excellence.  More than 3,000 products are available for purchase.  Here you will find a representative sample of what we have to offer.  (To receive catalogues and/or brochures featuring addtional items available from Arvisom,  send us an e-mail.)
     We hope that you enjoy your visit.  Come back and visit us again soon!!!

Musical Angel (Alabastrite) 6"x4"x11" High
Discount Price: $24.95 (Suggetsed Retail: $34.95)

See/Hear/Speak No Evil Buddhas (Each 3 1/2" High)
Discount Price: $19.95 per Set (Suggested Retail: $24.95)

Porcelain Angel, 5"x4"x9" High
Discount Price: $18.95 (Suggested Retail: $21.95)

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Garden Sprite Enchantress
Lounges on Rose Blossoms
4" x 3 1/4" x 5 1/2" High
Price: $16.95


Patriotic Elephant (Alabastrite) 6"x12"x11" High
Discount Price: $19.95 (Suggested Retail: $29.96)

Eagle&Chicks (Alabastrite/Wood),6"x5"x8" High
Discount Price: $19.95 (Suggested Retail: $29.95)

Elephant Candleholder (Alabastrite)8"x5"x11" High
Discount Price: $26.00 (Suggested Retail: $34.95)

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